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General Birding InterestTop

American Birding Association

American Birding Association, Birding magazine

Avibase, information about all birds of the world includes subspecies, distribution and maps, taxonomy, and synonyms in 24 languages. Sponsored by Bird Studies Canada

Binoculars, how to choose them for birding

Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching, suggested by OFO Young Birders

Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching, includes section on birding from a boat

Beginner's Birdwatching site, suggested by OFO Young Birders

Beginner's Birdwatching site, suggested by OFO Young Birders

Young Birder's Backyard Guide, suggested by OFO Young Birders

Birdwatching Guide

Bird cinema, Videos for bird watchers

Birding Pal, Birding contacts around the world

Birdnet: The Ornithological Council

Birding on the Net, includes mailing lists from around the world

Birding on the Net ONTBIRDS

Build a Bird, Cornell Lab Bird Academy eLearning tool

Buffalo Ornithological Society

Christmas Bird Counts

Christmas Bird Count Map for Canada

Galveston Ornithological Society

General Guide to Birding for beginners

Hummingbird migration information

Making Bird Houses With Unused Material At Home

Mould in Bird Feeders

The Virtual Birder ONTBIRDS

Surfbirds, General birding site that maintains members' lists

Hummingbird Gardens - Herbs and Flowers for Hummingbirds

Plants for birds - Flowers and plants to attract birds

Peregrine Falcon
Photo: Raymond Barlow

Canadian SitesTop

Baillie Birdathon, Help OFO and have fun while you are doing it! Why not do a Baillie Birdathon in May and designate OFO as your club? That way, OFO will receive a share of the funds you raise.

Bird Studies Canada

Canadian Peregrine Foundation

Electronic resources for ornithology

Current rare birds in the Province of Quebec

Golden-winged Warbler
Photo: Tim King

Ontario SitesTop

Arboretum at Guelph, Bird Workshops, wildlife gardens and lots of trails on 400 acres of forests, fields and plant collections

Bird Studies Canada report, Conservation Priorities for the Birds of S outhern Ontario

Christmas Bird Count contact names for Ontario

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)

Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society

Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, 2001-2005

Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas Maps

Ontario Hummingbird Project

Ontario Partners in Flight, helping Ontario landbirds. The Ontario Partners In Flight Organizing Committee has completed the first draft of Ontario's Bird Conservation Region 13 (Lower Great Lakes St. Lawrence Plain) Landbird Conservation Plan which is available online at the Bird Studies Canada website.

Royal Ontario Museum's interactive natural history page], The field guide provides pictures and sounds of many common Ontario Birds.

The St. Thomas Field Naturalists Club

Weather from Environment Canada

West Elgin Nature Club (WENC)

Black-throated Blue Warbler
Photo: Sam Barone

Birdbanding and Birdband Reporting Sites

Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory

Ontario Bird Banding Association

Long Point Bird Observatory, on Lake Erie

Ottawa Article about the Long Point Bird Observatory

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory

Thunder Cape Bird Observatory

Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station, (Toronto Leslie Street Spit)

Toronto Bird Observatory, bird banding station

Trumpeter Swans, email or call (705) 526-7809, to report both tagged and untagged birds in Ontario.

Black-throated Green Warbler
Photo: Unknown