Board and Committees

Board of Directors 2019-2020

President and Young Birders Program

Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator

Director of Membership and Outreach

Director of Fundraising

Director of Education and Conservation Awareness

Vice-President and Chair, Convention Committee


  • Brian Gibbon
  • 3269 Dobson Road, Springwater, ON. L9X 1T6
  • 705-721-4599

Director of Field Trips and Events

Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Publications and OBRC Liaison

Committees, Publications, Awards and Other Activities

Ontario Birds Records Committee (OBRC)

  • Voting Members: Amanda Guercio (chair), Ken Burrell, Barbara Charlton, Bill Lamond, Blake A. Mann, Reuven Martin, Donald Sutherland
  • Non-voting Members: Secretary: Daniel Riley
  • Assts. to the Secretary: Barbara Charlton
  • Archivist: Mike Burrell
  • ROM Liaison: Mark Peck

Ontario Birds Editors

OFO News Editors

  • Michael Olsen, Lynne Freeman, Bruce Kirkland, Angie Williams, Bob Cermak

OFO Convention Committee

Certifications of Appreciation

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