Board and Committees

Board of Directors 2020-2021

President and Young Birders Program

Secretary and Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Social Media and Community

Vice-President and Fundraising


Northern Ontario Birding and Volunteer Coordinator

Membership and Chair, Convention Committee


  • Brian Gibbon
  • 3269 Dobson Road, Springwater, ON. L9X 1T6
  • 705-721-4599

Field Trips and Events

Marketing and Communications

Conservation Awareness and Advocacy

Director at Large

  • Mike Burrell
  • 613-442-0020

Committees, Publications, Awards and Other Activities

Ontario Birds Records Committee (OBRC)

  • Voting Members: Amanda Guercio (chair), Ken Burrell, Mike Burrell, Barbara Charlton, Reuven Martin, Mark Read, Adam Timpf
  • Non-voting Members: Secretary: Daniel Riley
  • Assts. to the Secretary: Barbara Charlton
  • Archivist: Mike Burrell
  • ROM Liaison: Mark Peck

Ontario Birds Editors

OFO News Editors

  • Michael Olsen, Lynne Freeman, Bruce Kirkland, Angie Williams, Bob Cermak

Northern Ontario Birding Committee

  • Carter Dorscht (Chair), Dave Milsom, Martin Parker, Roxane Filion, Bill Greaves, Merle Nisly, Bruce Murphy, Brian Ratcliff, Angie Williams

Ontbirds Moderators

Birdnews Moderators

Volunteer Coordinator

OFO Convention Committee

Certifications of Appreciation

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Distinguished Ornithologist Award


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